Unique Features of Asian Online Poker Leader – IDN Poker

Most people don’t know about the IDN. A few people that have an association with online poker might have heard of IDN poker, which is a popular name in contemporary time. The network was opened in Indonesia in 2011. If you remember, Asian technology markets boomed sometimes back, though they are still growing for many reasons. Asian online poker industry has made substantial progress in the recent past as many new poker platforms have been developed Asian poker platforms are favorite of worldwide online poker players. One reason is that they are most trusted. The second reason is their performance because they are committed to deliver the best to their users. The concerns are unavoidable, but Asian platforms have great focus on the customer service.

IDN poker: Asian online poker leader


Many Asia-based online poker networks have made an excellent image in the past. They played a great role in the progress of online poker industry. IDN poker came up as a sudden leader by surpassing all the Asian networks that were ruling the industry for the past many years. The Asian market’s boom and thereafter, the IDN network review gave a boost to the position of this network to touch a new height. It was crowned for the apex position among the Asian online poker networks and attained the second position among worldwide brands, after Amaya’s PokerStars. The poker enthusiasts got crazy for the IDN network. This network has charmed both new and experienced poker players.

IDN poker features

One of the features why people like IDN poker is that it provides extraordinary gaming experience by the utilization of the latest technology. for this reason, this online poker network is considered the largest exclusively for Asian poker players. The evidence lies in the IDN’s data of users, which is incredible. The figure depicts more than 100 million users and over 600,000 monthly active players. Another feature is that this network provides a range of other games, apart from poker, and supports multi-currency platform to provide the convenience of transactions to the users. It is an excellent platform for cash game players, which further adds to its prestige. A large number of cash game players use IBN network for wonderful experience of gaming. IDN poker is obviously a large platform catering to the needs of a massive number of online poker enthusiasts. The inclusion of hundreds of member sites, or skins, like ShenPoker (the largest) attributes to IDN’s great size.

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